Law Office of Rosa M. C. Cumare
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What Does the Firm Do?
Practices employment law and assists non-profits

Usually, employees are the most valuable asset in your business.  Employees can also cost you a lot of time and money.  Therefore, prevention is a primary concern.  Proper legal advice, sought and delivered before problems develop, is key to success in management.
Education and Training
Employment laws and regulations are complex and change all the time.  California laws, especially, differ from federal laws and most other states; they impose detailed requirements on employers, are often counter-intuitive and sometimes fly in the face of common sense.  Education and training are essential if you want to avoid the many traps for the unwary.
Investigation and Litigation
Unfortunately, litigation of employment matters can be exasperating, exhausting and expensive.  If you as an employer lose a discrimination lawsuit, you can end up having to pay not only your own lawyer, but also the lawyer who sued you.  So you need a lawyer who can find out the facts of the case and who knows when it's best to negotiate a settlement and when to recommend a fight.
Consulting and Structuring
Non-profit organizations often don't do well while doing good. Corporate laws that apply to non-profits are complicated, especially in conjunction with the myriad of tax laws that apply. The firm can help you understand your organization's strengths and weaknesses, assist in establishing or restructuring it, and can network with lawyers and accountants who are experienced in dealing with non-profits. Ms. Cumare is especially familiar with the peculiarities of religious organizations.

Specific Activities

  • Provide advice and strategic counsel on all aspects of employment law (except workers' compensation); act on behalf of individual defendants when a conflict-of-interest with employer exists
  • Represent employers in court and administrative proceedings, mediation and arbitration to successful conclusions through dismissals by negotiation, summary judgment, jury trial and appeal
  • Conduct training seminars on wage and hour laws, harassment, discrimination, disability, leaves of absence, conflicts of interest, trade secrets, wrongful termination
  • Review and prepare employment handbooks and policies
  • Examine and enforce internet and web-based communications for conformity to laws on appropriate use, privacy, copyright, security
  • Analyze the needs of non-profits and develop strategies to conform to applicable laws and the organization's particular goals
Management employment law and related business matters
from Fortune 100 companies to small non-profits