Law Office of Rosa M. C. Cumare
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Experienced / Expert / Ethical / Empathetic / Efficient / Economical = Exceptional



Experienced:  more than 30 years helping large and small clients -- from Fortune 100 enterprises to sole practitioners -- solve their employment and labor problems


Expert:  advisor, investigator, negotiator, litigator, conflicts (Cumis) counsel


Ethical:  delivers what's promised, trustworthy and responsive


Empathetic:  listens, understands, explains, seeks resolution not conflict


Efficient: deals with the essentials; doesn't waste time on meetings, calls, emails, research, memo writing or unnecessary legal tactics


Economical:  basic hourly rates are affordable, especially in combination with efficiency of performance  


Exceptional:  AVĀ® Peer Review Rating by:

Management employment law and related business matters
from Fortune 100 companies to small non-profits