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Are you looking for a management-side employment lawyer?

 You've come to the right place
  • if you're an owner of any size business or enterprise
  • if you're an executive or human resources professional seeking help with managing many thousands or only a handful of employees 
  • if your company needs an employee handbook or training in employment issues
  • if you're a non-profit organization or a medical, dental, accounting, legal or other professional office with wage and hour questions

You've found a lawyer with years of experience representing companies and individuals who are defendants

  • if your company has received a demand letter from an employee
  • if a government agency has given you notice of a charge
  • if you've been served with a summons and complaint
  • if you need to conduct a workplace investigation
  • if you've been accused of misconduct and your employer recommends that you consult an attorney

You can be assured of no-nonsense, practical advice

  • if you're an employee or independent contractor who needs help negotiating an employment contract or a severance agreement
  • if you want to know what your rights are as an employer or employee

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